At The Spiritual Bath, we promote a healthy, natural and holistic approach to life. Most bath products are filled with chemicals that can irritate the skin and harm the body. We believe those chemicals are not necessary and after some trial and error, we created a bath experience that is filled with ingredients from the earth and not a lab.

Each bath box is carefully crafted with natural ingredients that can be used multiple times. Inside you will find a variety of bath items including: dissolving bath Fizzies , homemade candles, a dissolvable quote, a palo santo stick, matches, and bath salts.

Our Salt Soaks are crafted for healing and therapeutic purposes. Each Salt Soak addresses different needs that range from mind, body, and spirit needs. Each bag contains five to nine generous servings, depending on your personal likes.

We are very proud of our products and constantly strive to deliver the best.

USA Made. 100% hand-crafted. All Natural Ingredients. Made with Love.


Meet Halla: The Founder of The Spiritual Bath.


From a young age, Halla was taught by her grandmother, Iris, that bathing is an act of gratitude and self-care. She understood how important our thoughts and ability to love ourselves was vital to living the best possible way. 

The Spiritual Bath combines her grandmother's teachings as well as her own personal interest in providing healing therapy through self-care. Each Bath Box and Salt Soak that is ordered is lovingly put together by Halla out of her home in Florida. When not working on The Spiritual Bath, you can find her and her husband, Rob, out in the ocean enjoying the waves and sun.